Thursday, April 25, 2013

Goddess Moon Said to Father Sun

The Moon said to the Sun," I love you and adore your Light. I would duck if I caused a shadow in your brilliance." 

Then the Sun said to the Moon, "Mother Goddess, you provide the Light for Man in the Darkness, there is room enough for both of us to shine" 

Then the Moon said to the Sun, "But Father Sun, I am so small in comparison to you and sit alone and away from the Splendour of the Stars?" 

Then the Sun said to the Moon, "My Beloved Goddess Moon, You serve as a reminder to Man that he can touch the Stars and become One with them and the Heavens are on the Earth and within their hearts. Love is not small within a man's heart. My Love for you shines as brightly as the Stars. You inspire me like the Heavens. It is I, who ducks each day so that you may shine your beauty and Love upon the Earth"

Happy Full Moon Eclipse

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Unknown said...

Beautiful Post Mystica Soror,
Beloved Frater.