Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gravitational Force

I read the other blogs with hopes that I can gain a better understanding of the work. Sometimes I really do not get what they're talking about. Sometimes I find things that I can relate to on my own level.

In one of the last posts by Jason Miller he made a "What If" argument about the planetary order in the scheme of hermeticism and real life. His commentary was a little, both literally and figuratively, over my head since I dont have the astral experience like these other folks

Upon reading further, I noted that RO made the statement on the Jason's "What If" question on his blog of "bridging the macrocosm with the microcosm". Patrick commented on RO's blogged respone that it makes the math alot easier. Jason also further clarified his "What If" statement with some geometry. My impression of that was that its kinda like trying to find the right screwdriver or socket wrench.

What does that mean to me and how can i relate to it?

My response to that is that its not only the math we are talking about or the scalar quantities, we are talking units of measure, which brings me to these equations:

mdot in = mdot out (mass balance)
sum of the forces in = sum of the forces out (balancing the forces)

Mass is a function of density and volume. Mass cannot move itself. It doesnt have weight, ie the proverbial apple doesnt fall on someone's head, unless the acceleration of gravity is imposed on it. Otherwise, there would be no balance and all humans/earthly objects would be floating off into space, and most likely towards the sun (not the moon).

Last night, I started my communication with Themis (my first formal) for my GD self-initiation, which involved visualizing the integration of her scales into my body and feeling more balanced. The impression I got wasnt the balance I have associated with before, which in hindsight is more of a physical balance or sometimes juggling of responsibilities. This time it felt different, the impression i got of Themis and her Blessing of Balance was more of a feeling of ease.

Then I realized
Ive been thinking of myself just as on object with mass, that is subject to the mass balance equation, a collection of material objects car, house, job, bills, responsibilities, failures and succcess.

I should be thinking of myself as a force, then balancing the forces.


Rufus Opus said...

I like to think of myself as an infinitely wise, eternal awareness that happens to be temporarily stuck in a stupid meat puppet.

PhoenixAngel said...

Aaahh. But at least you're a stupid meat puppet that has become aware of your eternal and infinite wisdom! Thanks for your note.

Norma said...

Evidently even some hard scientists are starting to recognize that 'gravity' is not really a law, but is in fact an emergent property that comes out of forces. So you are way ahead of the curve on this one. It is seriously cool. Maybe this will help with your perceptual shift here