Monday, September 27, 2010

Mabon and Feeling Gratitude

I attended a Mabon ritual on Saturday. Our "tribe" was celebrating a year together. The Druid and the Water Witch lead the ritual.

Although the Druid typically leads a guided meditation together, I felt the ritual would be more powerful internally if I used keywords from his guided meditation as triggers for my own visualizations. The rituals I celebrate with this group are designed to be applicable to the varied traditions within the group, such as eclectic wiccan and druidary butI felt the need to alter the experience to pertain to my own CM perspective.

So what did I see in the visualizations?
An energy light goddess with robes of gold sending out positive energy. Although she appeared visually dark she also seemed to glimmer and shine with white light.

I know, doesnt make sense but that's the only way I can describe it.

She presented herself over the circle and blessed each of the individual participants with arms open. I noted that some of the participants did not allow her blessing. It was as if they were closed off to her.

She lingered and appeared in the offering fire. She seemed to have a calming and gratitude-inducing effect on all of the participants.

As far a personal issues, I have been struggling with hatred, very specific types. Whiners have been really getting on my nerves lately. I feel the hatred brewing and I really have to check myself. I have a knack for biting words and I have been very close to just letting some people really have it. The type of whiners that have been really bugging me are the one that NEVER have anything positive to say AND never seem to do any real Work for themselves. I have had discussions about these people and my friends have pretty much validated my righteous indignation. People who are constantly complain about their life and/or who make half-assed excuses about doing the work, can bum you out. BAD ENERGY, DEFINTELY BAD ENERGY. If you're feeling lazy about doing the Work, at least have some fucking integrity to admit to it and accept it.

The other thing that has been agitating me lately are people who feel they need to throw money at other people because of their insecurities. Its one thing to discretely ask for assistance from someone, its another when someone is publicly proclaiming that they will "BUY" you. I was deeply hurt when I saw two of my closest friends disrespected like that. They are genuinely helping and sincere people who provide their assistance from their heart. One really cannot put a value to that, its priceless...I am just grateful I can understand that

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