Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Reluctant Venturi Butterfly

These past few weeks have been eventful: spiritually, personally and professionally. It has reminded me of the Venturi effect, which is when a fluid, ie air or water, when passing through a container (such as a pipe or a duct) must increase speed to go from point A to point B, whereas, point A has a larger cross sectional area than point B. The speed of the fluid must increase at the constricted area before the state of flow can be balanced and the fluid moves to the next section.

If the speed does not increase, then the fluid undergoes cavitation, which can eventually destroy any fine piece of equipment.

This is a mangled propeller that has gone through some cavitational damage

No wonder I feel like a reluctant venturi butterfly.

The eventful changes have been good though... and refreshing. Time will only tell if I can make it to the other side without my wings being damaged.

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