Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Rapture

Another side step from Tapping the Egregore

This weekend the Rapture came and went. Everyone appears to still be here. I did not see any "skyclad" Christians take off into the air. I was grateful in that I was invited to several Post Rapture events: the Post Rapture Looting, the Post Rapture Party and the Post Rapture Prank (which consisted of leaving clothing in front of a Baptist Church as if a person had been "raptured").

I instead used my Rapture weekend to cross some new boundaries and really begin to implement some positive change. With all due respect, I did not believe in the Rapture per se but I know there are people who truly believe that sort of thing. Over and over, crazy people or obscure spiritual men have predicted the end of the world and it never happens. Rob's Magick blog did a really good job on providing a list of the various Apocalypses over the last 30 years.

But really??? I see these predictions of the End of Days as a time to contemplate about my life. During the 9/11 tragedy, didn't it make us think, in the very least, about the safety of our workplaces and our family? Is it really so crazy to look at it as an opportunity to change ... whether it be the world, or just yourself.. Is it really so crazy to live like its your last day, appreciate life and hold your loved ones close to your heart? As Frater Jack has stated it would be wrong to subscribe to a fantasy world of suffering or a world lacking responsibility and pro-activism because change is contingent upon the arrival of a Saviour; but we can all see it in a different Light. We could use it as a reminder to change the World as we know it and make it better.

Pagans and Christians alike, we could all use a little more love and appreciation for what we have.

Waiting for the End would do all of us some good. (Here are the lyrics)

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