Saturday, January 9, 2016

I am BACK!!

After a long hiatus, I am back. If you do not follow me as a friend in social media, I have been through a LOT this passed year or so.

My industry went through an economic downturn so I had to change my industry from environmental to biomedical. It took a long time to find work in my given profession as an engineer since I spent so much time in the other industry. I now manufacture medical devices, instead of the environmental work I loved. I love my new profession though, and like the environmental engineering, I find the industry to be noble and fulfilling.

As a result of the downturn, we found ourselves without a permanent home for several months. It was quite an adventure... living place to place but fortunately we WERE able to find a permanent home.Our temporary places included an artists' hotel a block away from the Walk of Fame, a Bohemian NY brick style building steps from Venice Beach, a party house bachelor home, a suburban home surrounded by other homes with lots of dogs, a fortune teller's cottage in Topanga Canyon, a huge cabin with a giant loft and wrap-around outdoor kitchen. The cabin was my personal favorite because the place was surrounded by tree sentinels with fairies and gnomes.

My Jupiter Angel is a blossoming young woman now, a beautiful teenager. I feel the need to obtain both a gun license and my black belt to ward off young suitors (LOL). Between eye-rolling and bouts of moodiness, I still try to impart my knowledge and understanding of the magick. I am guessing she will not appreciate my free adept mentoring until she is quite older. She still displays the gifts of a magickal person, that is,  Divine Insight and intuition.  I encourage her to use her gifts and do the things necessary to protect herself as a magickal person. Raising a teenager as a single parent is hard though and sometimes, I just want to ship her off back to childhood or put a magickal bubble around her. I CAN put a magickal bubble around her but I WON'T. I can put spells around her to make her have more friends or popularity, but WHY? One thing I have learned over this year long adventure is that the struggles and obstacles we encounter makes us MORE magickal. Its that old adage, "If it doesn't kill you...."

My magick continues, though without a permanent home previously, it was difficult. I had to be really innovative with personal ritual space and liberal with astral workings. I still do my regular monthly rituals and/or initiations with my group. I have learned a lot, Worked hard and can wear all the badges of my tradition with pride. I am thankful that my group and tradition postpones the handiwork until one has obtained a certain grade to begin working on tools and accouterments. As planned before I attained a certain grade, I still plan to branch out to other traditions. I still have not figured out which one(s), most likely the Iseum and/or Gnostic traditions.I also hope to get my naked ass on an altar some day (LOL). I still have interests in some Wiccan and Druid rituals but the SoCal scene is simply not my thing. My home will always be with my beloved Tribe for those rituals with my good friends, such as Davin McLugh.

As for my Jupiter Exaltation Work, that endeavour is very much still a "Work In Progress". I still do regular rites to Zeus but the Work has taken a different tone. Jupiter's exaltation is Cancer so now that I am beyond the focus of "growth and expansion" in my Life, it is now time to give the loving nurture, insight and protectiveness of Cancer.

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HilbertAstronaut said...

Glad for the update! Wish I could stick with the Work like you did even with the change in everything -- location and industry. Best wishes with it all!