Thursday, July 8, 2010


Using my new engine, I actually got somewhere today. I couldnt put my realization to words yesterday so I put it in mathematical terms. I am re-posting here:

Self = The Devoted Daughter/Girlfriend/Wife (DDGW)
DDGW = Galatea ==> Persophone
Hades = Father + Boyfriends + Ex-husband

I used a friend's suggestion and I also analyzed my issue in an archetypical fashion. More math:

Hades = Trickster
DDGW = Galatea ==> Persophone = Child

The hardest part of these equation is that I had to include my dad in the equation. My dad was, and still is, my hero (another archetype)

Galatea is the scuplture that came to life after Aphrodite granted Pygmalion the Blessing of life for his art. Pygmalion created the sculpture of Galatea out of his disdain of wowen, developed after seeing a group of prostitutes selling themselves. The statue was made of the whitest ivory. Pygmalion put all his passion into his art and the sculpture was said to equal that of the workmanship of Nature. He soon fell in love with the sculpture and adored her with beautiful gifts of jewelry, flowers and even little birds. I have always been fascinated with this myth and it is a theme that is prevalent in many modern movies. I know, I forced my kids to watch them with me. It's their punishment for making me watch Sponge Bob.

Reactions about this myth vary in my circle of friends. Some people see it as a love story and some are in the opinion the Pygamalion created the sculpture just to fuck her. I subscribed to the former opinion until just recently. Now I see Pygmalion's endeavours as trying to create a "trophy wife", eg a Stepford Wife.

So what does this have to do with me?

All of my life, I have had the "ideal" imposed on me by my father, my boyfriends and my ex-husband and I have obliged out of love and devotion. I can honestly say that I am a wholly good and well-rounded person because of it. Unfortunately, there is one fallacy in the theme of the myth of Pygmalion, happiness. How do we know that Galatea is truly happy? And, can Galatea find her own happiness separate from her creator?

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