Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thoth Fool Card Part II/Persophone

When I decided i wanted to be on the CM path, the whole "more than human" idea appealed to me and the working with spirits was pretty COOL too. I realized though, before I can work with spirits, I must first be able to allow the demons within myself come to the surface. Although I still cannot express the concept in actual words, here is the first personal demon that has surfaced (in mathematical terms):

Self = The Devoted Daughter/Girlfriend/Wife (DDGW)
DDGW = Galatea ==> Persophone
Hades = Father + Boyfriends + Ex-husband

Using the analagous concepts i derived from the fool card meditiation/analysis, I realized the IC engine is the Qabalah and the filter(s) are rituals.

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Davin Mac Lugh said...

Being a devoted DDGW in of itself is not a bad thing. The problem comes when being the DDGW causes you to loose yourself in the identity of your S.O. So that you are no longer you, but merely an extension of the other.