Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rules of Order and/or Magickally Stupid, Not Magick

I did have a belly dancing blurb to publish but that can wait til later.

Rules, I love rules. Rules create order. I try to obey them, even when I dont understand them. I have, however, told my kids that some rules are created to protect stupid people because nobody in their right mind would run a red light in the middle of rush hour traffic. The neat coolio books that one obtains from these quaint occult bookstores are full of magickal rules and knowledge but seriously lacking the first hand experiences that I so desired. You know, the Rules for the Magickally Stupid. So again, I restate my intentions for this blog. I am trying to gain input from more experienced folks. I do NOT want it on a silver platter, thank you. I am just trying to preclude running some magickal red lights. And I dont want the Tim Burton version of the story, although his vision is definitely duly noted.

So in my efforts to ready myself for the Self Intitiation Ritual (SIR), I have been procuring advice, doing some research and practicing body mechanics. I was told to by a likely-reliable source to try not to attach too many impressions on it and in the same context was told:

"(Dont worry about it)... Dont even think at all"

This has been lighting up my tilt lights for quite sometime.

Then, Robert provided valuable insight on his HD, Robert's Rules of Magick, and the leaders of groups (SOB vs. milquetoast), which in my opinion completely contradicted the previous guidance(s) provided to me by the likely reliable resource.

So in the spirit of my "overthinking" things, I wondered the following about the likely-reliable resource:

Maybe the person doesnt know what I/they am/are talking about?
Maybe the wizard (see previous post) is tricking me?
Maybe I'm being set up to fail?
Maybe I'm not seeing the obvious connection between being an educated magician and "not thinking"? I WILL get to the level of "educated" one day though
Maybe I am being tested to show what I'm made of?

Either way (thinking or not thinking), I am going by my intuitions and will think about and research the aspects of the SIR, as much as possible. You know, "Doing Work". The Burtonized fluffy bunny version of the fairy-tale will be kept in mind but my BS meter will be actively engaged.

Thank You Robert (AKA POS) for your valuable insight, you definitely educated me on the multi-dimensions of magick, and magicians in general. (BOW)


Unknown said...

a very cool read. :)

I symphatize with you because we all go through this, trying to muddle through for gems of knowledge through the swamp.

Good luck.

simon said...

Actually, I think he is right, just premature in his advice. You do have to think about it till you find the truth in it and then it goes into your subconscious in my experience. You do have a lot of rules and I bet they cause you to get in your own way alot..but you do have to think a bit first till you get a handle on it. Then you can switch to autopilot.

PhoenixAngel said...

@Mr. Black: Yes, trying to find the truth is very difficult. Thanks for the support and I am glad you enjoy my writing.

PhoenixAngel said...

@Simon: It sounds like you know what youre talking about. I appreciate any on-going encouragement and guidance you may have. Thanks!