Saturday, July 17, 2010

Temple Quarters

I have been working on hand painting my temple quarters. I just finished the main colors in each quarter. I didnt get the clean lines like I wanted but maybe that was the lesson of the exercise. I probably could have gone several more hours painting in the details but i forced myself to quit,

"Just put the GD (more than one meaning) thing away!"

I tend to not allow myself to take breaks in any work I do. I am trying to overcome it because too much time on any one project tends to be counterproductive. I still have a REALLY hard time with just sitting back and letting things fall into place. Not working at attaining one's goals seems illogical to me but I know I just need to find the balance.

As with alot of things I do, I multi-tasked and allowed my child to paint her own object, a star-shaped box. The two of us shared paints, brushes and smiles. We watched a cartoon called, "Adventure Time", which contained a story about a magical wizard and his two initiates.

Funny, one of the initiates looked strangely similar to a magickal friend of mine.

The two initiates had to earn stars by overcoming obstacles at different levels for each magickal power they desired.

Hmmmm. Now where have I heard that concept before?

The story had a twist. The wizard was actually tricking the initiates into trading places with the ancients that were using their powers to defend their home from a horrible meteor.

Fuck the meteor. Am i being tricked by the wizard?

In my workings with Goddess last night, I felt a strong sense of anger and injustice. I did another LBRP, just in case. Despite the anger, I definitely feel closer to her.

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