Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Similitude and the Tortoise

The tortoise may have won the race but now I wonder if he would have gone much faster without his shell?!!!

Similitude is an engineering process of analysis whereas the behaviour of a scaled prototype is determined by a set of parameters developed within a mathematical model that uses symbology. I do NOT use similitude in my profession although I always DREAMED of going into an industry that uses it on a regular basis. I studied it hard in school with hopes that I would use it in real life. Now, I still understand the concept and can probably develop a couple of formulas with just a few variables within 6 months time. Most of the time, someone whose IQ is at least 30 points higher than mine develops the computer simulation and all I have to do is check the "default" parameters box.

Which brings me back to my beginning statement. Similitude could predict if the tortoise would have won the race without his shell but why would anyone want to put the time and effort to do that? The obvious lesson is that time and patience will provide for fulfillment of one's goals... Right? It's not the destination, its the journey BS.

Which again, brought me back to a statement that an adept made to me, "Stop obsessing about the destination..."

I am a Leo and I want everything, YESTERDAY.

This whole process of analysis of simulitude, the tortoise and the obsession of the destination was brought on by a question I asked Robert (POS) about Invoking of the HGA after reading RO's website with a reference to Liber Samekh and then the Thelemite version of the ritual. I simply asked him if there was a difference. He told me to look it up myself.

I think I found the answer to the question of the difference between the rituals. They are different.

But the whole process of finding the answer, ie the journey, was not the key to the lesson.


I can now proudly say that I will use the process of similitude on a regular basis. I will learn the basics of CM (the symbology, the concepts and the rituals) with time and patience, its the means of empowerment.

Cue, the Rolling Stones song: "You Dont Always Get What You Want.."

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