Thursday, July 15, 2010

Maybe a Little Over the Top

Ok. My last two posts may have been a little over the top but this is a record of my thoughts and impressions. Like it or not like it....

As I had mentioned before, I am working on the self-initiation into the GD (Cicero) by myself with alot of help from my friends.

I have started on the quarters, gathered up the stuff for the lamens, wands, paint, and fabric for the pillars. I have decided to use fabric because my altar is in my bedroom and it still needs to be functional. I was told I could use the large rolls used for carpet rolls but I like the fabric idea much better. I can always tuck them away when i done.

Before the self-initiation, youre required to become familiar with Thme/Themis/Maat. The first time i tried it it didnt seem quite right. The tech clearly describes her as "austere". Well, in grade school I remember the flash cards on the multiplication/division and maybe the ABCs but I missed the whole set of flash cards on human emotions. I asked myself, what the hell does that mean, "austere"? Beside the occasional emoticon with a happy face, laughing face, sad face or winking face, I have no clue. I know what the word means but how does one exhibit the expression of austere?

Then I thought I figured it out. It was Janet Reno!

I wouldnt SERIOUSLY try to visualize Janet Reno in a greek gown in the middle of my bedroom but hell it makes for a good story and it was good for several crazed giggles


Jack Faust said...

Austere would be a strict, Saturning, or restrained look; one which gave away almost no emotion, or simply communicated a sense of coldness.

PhoenixAngel said...

Jack: Oh, I see so I am not looking for an emotion, I am looking for the lack of emotions. Thanks, that was a BIG help :)

Jack Faust said...

@PA: Oh, come now... Almost everyone knows at least one elderly individual that's completely devoid of emotions! Imagine how *they* would look!

PhoenixAngel said...

@Jack: I have a hard time visualizing an elderly person as devoid of emotions. Before my mother passed, she spent some time in a nursing home and all I associate with elderly people now is sadness: wasted lives, elderly who dont get visitors and the horrible smell of death