Thursday, November 11, 2010

Standing On My Own 2 Feet

Energy Healing

Lately I have been experiencing sharp pains in my feet during ritual. I have problems with my joints but the pain can best be described as, "fucking excruciating" and usually occurs at a very specific part of a ritual. The pain quickly dissipates after ritual but I do not feel the pain in any other context. I ALWAYS prefer to stand besides when I sit, my feet never touch the ground. I am THAT short (people used to call me elf). No short jokes, PUHLEASE, I have heard everyone of them.

Gynwyt Siarad is a good friend of mine and a very talented healer so I asked him to help me with the blockages in my feet. He focused the energy in each foot and then handed me two stones that were supposed to balance and I guess ground me too. For his first wave of energy, he sent water, which for this little fire sign was the closest to drowning that I ever felt. The water felt most overwhelming in the area of my throat. Had I not had perfect love in trust in the druid, I would have panicked. The other wave of energy he sent through my body was of fire, which was comforting.

That night I worked with Maat, again, to see if the pain would occur again. I made sure to spend time with her, doing everything deliberately and slow. Only a slight amount of pain occurred...

The stones that Gynwyt Siarad gave me were very significant and I instantly see the association with my own work. More on this later.


Unknown said...

Hah, I know what you mean about the Water. When someone tells me to "let it flow", my first response tends to be "what, you mean make it flow?", followed by much exasperated eye-rolling =)

PhoenixAngel said...

@Pallus: LOL, yes very exasperated eye-rolling! ;)