Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thme and Maat

I was feeling really frustrated last night. Things are not going as fast as I wish them to go.

I did a meditation with Thme (Maat) again last night. The air was thick with magick and I truly felt a strong presence in the ritual. At one point her Phoenix wand exploded into fiery orb and several stationary object moved due to the force. It made me jump because it startled me. Fortunately, I kept my focus (well, for the most part :))

My feet ached afterwards. I can always tell I have had a good Working when my feet ache. I guess its because they are firmly planted to the ground


Rufus Opus said...

There are also "chakras" in the feet, gates through which magical forces of the earth flow into the body, and through which magical powers from the celestial spheres enters the earth. I was taught that aches indicate blockages, but standing on your feet for a ritual can hurt too. :) Don't know if that's meaningful or not, but I'd think you're Maat rite causing aches is indicative that forces aren't going through your feet from the celestial spheres. You've also expressed angst over not getting things to manifest. You may be trying to force things into the earth, the physical sphere of manifestation from on high at a rate the earth cannot accept, or there might be something else stopping the manifestations that result in the powers not getting as grounded as they need to be.

Are there any feelings of of unworthiness that might need to be addressed? If not, then I'd say a good old fashioned foot soak in an uncrossing bath, smudging the soles of your feet with sage smoke, and visualization while meditating sitting up with your feet firmly planted square on the ground, visualizing the forces flowing through and cleansing out the mini spheres might help.

Davin Mac Lugh said...

I would suspect that your feet ache because of the new and varied energies and higher levels of them flowing through you.

PhoenixAngel said...

@Gwynyt Siarad: Thanks for confirming that... I felt the same pain during the Samhain ritual but even worse. I thought it might have been from the cold ground but during the Maat meditation, I was on warm carpet.

PhoenixAngel said...

@RO: I always value your input. Yes, I know about the chakras and I am glad you also confirmed my suspicions. Unworthiness is something I fight constantly and I have to keep it in check. I will work on the manifestations but I may consult with you again if it continues