Saturday, January 22, 2011

Complete Combustion

For this post I am using complete combustion as an analogy for a component of the Work. I am just talking about the analogy itself. For those of you that are close to me, you will understand what I am talking about. For you others, you're just SOL.

Complete combustion requires three different properties, time, temperature and turbulence. When raw materials are being heat processed, such as in a kiln, processing requires these three variable in order to occur efficiently. Turbulence involves the mixing of the various raw materials. Turbulence is often chaotic. Complete combustion also requires an increase in temperature, the higher the temperature, the shorter amount of residence time involved. Unfortunately, when processing occurs at higher temperatures, the equipment requires more fuel, which is spent entirely too quickly at higher temperatures. Additionally, if the time is too short, the raw materials do not have sufficient time to process so therefore, the raw material does not have time necessary to change. The three "T"s of combustion need to be balanced for the process to be optimized.

On a less technical note, I had a great weekend. I got to spent some time with some very special people. I missed a great belly dancing extravaganza but I truly would not trade my weekend for anything else. I made up for it by practicing my belly dancing hip drops while I was sipping scotch, balancing on one leg nonetheless. Nobody really noticed because I fidget constantly when I am standing around socializing. I got to meet two very magickal young people that will forever be in my heart because of what they did for me. I was also very touched by the actions of other people. I feel changed because of the experience.

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HilbertAstronaut said...

I like that "chaotic" here has the strict mathematical meaning: deterministic, but sensitive to initial conditions; therefore better predicted qualitatively than quantitatively (or rather, one has to look outside the usual simulation schemes to get useful results).