Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Silence (Or the Science) of Blogging

Do you know those people, who just don't want to ever shut up? They talk, and its like verbal diarrhea coming out of their mouths. They talk without ever really saying anything. They talk and its like they love the sound of their voices or they re afraid of the uncomfortable, dare I say, SILENCE. I know several people like that and there are times I really want to wring their necks.

When I was growing up, silence was something that was imposed by my father in a very martial way. My brothers, sisters and I just did it. We played, QUIETLY. We listened to music, QUIETLY. We spoke, QUIETLY. Our family kept our silence out of reverence for my dad. My father, himself, seldom spoke and he is the only person I have ever known, to go DAYS without speaking. Yet, he still communicated with us. My father is still my hero because of his Wisdom and I strive to continue his tradition of Silence. It makes it easier to hear the Truth. I find it difficult to focus when there is no Silence. My own children are very aware that, "Mama needs her quiet time".

It was very difficult growing up being silent. People who are extroverted tend to get more attention, more "one on one". People gravitate to the talkative one and the person who speaks the loudest, usually gets their issues resolved quicker than the one who sits back silently. I grew up feeling like I was ignored most of the time or felt dull because I never had anything to say. One of the problems of my marriage was that I barely spoke. I am just a quiet person, by nature, but it was just something my ex husband never learned to deal with.

I have been quietly working on my hyper silence for many years (partly to save my doomed marriage) and I realized I had a knack for communication, in general. Here's a couple of thoughts that came out of working with the Science of Silence:

  • Some things really HAVE TO BE SAID, like, "I love you" or "I believe in you"

  • One needs Silence to determine the appropriate things to say, such as "I love you" or "I believe in you"

  • Say too much, and nobody really listens to you anyway or can understand you

  • Say too much and you may just drown out a message or lesson that needs to be conveyed

  • The silent ones are the people who I want to learn from

  • The silent ones should realize that they need to speak up every now and then, so others can share their wisdom and experience.

And finally, the lesson I just learned about Silence that really came out of my recent post about ceasing this blog and meditation on my dear wise father. Silence is the reverence for the Wisdom, the Work, which can only be done if we, "Fucking Shut Up!" every now and again.

So if you ever meet me in person, do not expect me to be the loudest or most talkative in the room. I will probably smile, shake your hand or plant a big hug on you but I will not have a grandiose conversation on my Work. This blog is the only place you will get that, and probably only a small percentage in 500 words or less.

Here are two posts from 2009 from two very magickal people. I found the posts in my search for the meaning of Silence in the context of the Work. They are short, but still very relevant to me:

Frater RO's Post on "Know, Will, Dare and Be Silent"

Frater Robert's response to RO's post on Silence

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