Friday, January 7, 2011

Holy Men Are Rock Stars

I was glancing over my FB friend suggestions and I befriended one of the other bloggers. I really thought he was on my list. Then, as a result, I looked over his friends to see if we had mutual friends. What I discovered was page after page after page of BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. Some of those women are REALLY REALLY HOT. I mean, I would do them!!! Following my curiosity, I checked my other fellow male bloggers ("Holy Men") friends list and found the same thing... PATTERN RECOGNITION TIME.

So I have been thinking about rock stars lately. Holy men are like rock stars and they must have groupies for the matter. I am sure there are many, many, many situations, where a HOLY MAN will have students, collaborative magickal associates and friends but methinks that a holy man would also have groupies, especially in the magickal arena, where the attitude towards sex is a bit more healthy. Couple that positive sexual attitude with a seemingly confident, well-put-together, powerful and/or magickal demeanor and you got instant "holy-man-crush". Here the definition for a "groupie":

A groupie is a person who seeks emotional and sexual intimacy with a musician or other celebrity. "Groupie" is derived from group in reference to a musical group, but the word is also used in a more general sense, especially in casual conversation.

So I started to ask myself, "Am I a Holy Man groupie?" and the answer was a resounding, "No" for the following reasons:
  • I can think for myself.
  • The "holy" status is something I desire to attain, not just a adore. Groupie status implies subversion and although I am still a beginner, I wish to get to the level of holiness.
  • I don't idolize the "holy men". I see them for what they are, humans, riddled with issues and problems, who also need to run to the mini-market every now and again for bread and milk.
  • I can make choices myself, instead of a constant deference to the "holy man".
  • I don't emotionally implode if the holy man differs in opinion with me. I make note of the difference, try to find the truth in it and if it simply doesn't work for me, the idea gets thrown in the trash (or sometimes even the closet)

The reason for my concern about the whole Holy Man groupie concept was the "sexual intimacy" part of the definition for a groupie, especially since I have made the decision that someone I date has to be on a same/similar/equivalent path. Previously, I felt strongly that I had to keep myself in check in that regard but after thinking about it a long time, I realized that the desire to stick with people who are aligned to my beliefs is a more PRACTICAL reason, than anything else. After coming out of an abusive, co-dependent and enabling relationship, it was really important to me that I got that straight in my head. I want to stand on my own two feet.


Unknown said...

"I don't emotionally implode if the holy man differs in opinion with me."

Sorry, I had to laugh at that, because I know a fair number of people who act exactly like this. Then again, I live in a pretty fundamentalist Christian community, where the asshats who stand on soapboxes in the University plaza and yell at you are idolized.

PhoenixAngel said...

@Pallus Renatus: I know the types too. I live in the Central California equivalent of the Southern Bible Belt