Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Invocation Rite

On my reading table, there is a invocation rite. One that I have been warned about from some people and encouraged to do by other people. I have several copies of it actually, one that I printed and tucked neatly in a folder, one in a book and another copy neatly filed away in my phone

After reading it several times, I discovered the rite are just words on a paper. I asked myself, how can this be so powerful? Some phrases are nonsense to me and frankly do not make sense to me in my context of life. So why should I fear it? I do not fear anything really. I mean, how bad can it be? What is the big fucking deal? Some people have told me it will mess up my life. My response to that is, how can it be messed up anymore than it already is?

All I need for the rite is "the Body of Light", a little oil, the LBRP and a little creativity.

Perhaps, its in the intent of the rite? No, it cant be that? What's wrong with a little more control of your life? What's wrong with a little resurrection every now and again? The reference to the "Beast 666"??? Nah, that was a big joke. I know the history. Can it perhaps be about that Serpent thingy? Nah, that doesn't scare me either. A little serpent thingy does a girl good every now and again, total stress reliever.

I need something to push my Work to the next level. Get out of this plateau I am sitting on. Get me out of this damn rut.

It lies there, taunting me, teasing me, calling me, "Do me!, Do me!!, Do me!!!". It's a big mystery to me that I want to solve.

And so, like with any big mystery. I turn to the guidance of one of my childhood heroes

I ask myself, "What would Scooby Doo do?"

I think Scooby Doo was actually a mage in the form of a dog. I am a little prejudice when it comes to dogs. They are my familiars, after all. Scooby wandered around villainous villages, darkened forests, haunted houses, creepy museums and other coolio occulty places. His best friend was Shaggy who has a crush on MaryJane (in the latest version of the cartoon) and they always had the munchies for strange snacks such as Limburger pizzas with peanut butter. They always seem to encounter some evil being, alien life form or a scary spirit (dare I say more), which NEVER turned out to be as bad as they thought it was.


Scooby would be scared shitless but Scooby would confront the spirit once he got his Scooby Snacks. I know what I must do!!! I should hang with Shaggy and MaryJane this Friday night, get some Scooby Snacks ($2.50 a box at the grocery store) and just do the damn rite to get it over with.

After all, the scary spirit is probably some guy (or insert name of any controversial and/or infamous ceremonial magician) in a costume that is gonna end up screaming:

"...and I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!"

Post script, I think I am almost ready for my post on Yesod

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