Sunday, April 17, 2011


My newest project has me absolutely STOKED!!! I mean STOKED!. Did I mention stoked?

I am taking a hiatus from one of my other magickal groups for reason I cannot state here in this blog. I missed the extra Work. When another opportunity for another project came up, I jokingly asked if I could be a part of it. I figured if it was meant to be, then it would happen. I was surprised when I was allowed to be a part of the project. I had done some similar work just recently but completely forgot about it. It has been sitting on my altar for some time and although I have looked at it several times before the opportunity, I really didn't pay it much attention.

I am working with people who I have admired for quite some time, cool magickal people. I am so grateful and their work has a purpose, one that I can align myself to quite easily. I have been quite busy though, "getting up to speed" with the project so some nights I have slept only 3-4 hours at most. The lack of sleep coupled with the fact that I am buried at my job has made the last few days difficult. I know it will pay off in the long run, if only for the experience and the networking. I pray that the Work will be fruitful but in my heart, I know it will.

Did I mention, I am STOKED!!!

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