Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Magick of Harmonics

Okay, I am engineer. I love science. Lately I have become fascinated with sacred geometry, partly because of a post by Frater Barrabbas but my main interest has always been vibrations. Since I am classically trained, I have always understood how sound in the form of music can evoke/invoke various human emotions. Songs have planetary attributes. For example, there is no denying that heavy metal music has martial-like qualities. As magicians, we use different modes of sound eg, spoken word, chants, the vibrations of our voice or instruments like drums or bells. These sounds are used to invoke/evoke different responses. Varying frequencies send out invisible waves of energies that typically cannot be seen with the naked eye. I came across this video, which is an excellent illustration of the power of sound:

So I end this post, not with a series of statements, but with a series of questions to ponder. I am only providing a partial list because the possibilities are endless.

Given that sodium chloride is of a cubical crystalline nature, what type of patterns would the vibration table create for substances that have a different molecular structure, such as a hexagonal crystalline structure?

Could we apply the same vibration experiment to certain metaphysical gemstones in granulated form, such as rose quartz for healing, in order to create a sigil or a mandala for that particular metaphysical property?

Can the various occult symbols be "reverse engineered" through harmonic analysis in order to provide a better understanding of the nature of these symbols. For example, could we use salt and a vibration table to find out what frequency would generate the symbol for Jupiter? Perhaps, the symbol for Venus would be a better example.

Can this idea of using varying frequencies to create different patterns be metaphorically applied to an egregore in an "as above, so below, as below, so above" type methodology?

Can I borrow a laboratory, about $10k-$20k for equipment and some salt?

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