Monday, May 9, 2011

Tapping the Egregore: Part I

Subtitle: I seek so that I may serve

One of the phrases I encountered when I was starting to tap into an egregore was the previous statement. I liked the statement instantly. What it meant to me is that after a person begins to gain some Divine Knowledge, that person should go through the process of sharing it, giving it back, or paying it forward. What else could it mean? My expectations of other people is that they would have the same interpretation of the phrase. Unfortunately, I was sadly mistaken. Some people say the words and obviously have a different interpretation of it. Maybe they mean something else? The phrase can easily be ended with a variety of words:

I seek so that I may serve:

1.) myself
2.) the universe
3.) a really good bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich; or
4.) man

As far as Option #1 goes,I am thinking that people use the doctrines of an organization as a facade for their lack there of, inability, and/or disinterest in certain virtuous pursuits. For example, just because you're a card carrying charter member of the local National Rifle Association, doesn't mean you have any idea how to shoot a gun or have the heart to even shoot at an intruder if they began to violate your children. A person may believe in the right to bear arms, but do they really exercise that right?

If a person desires to seek knowledge so that they can serve a really good bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, then so be it. I think that maybe they are missing the point entirely but who am I to judge such a virtuous goal of a scrumptious dish involving crispy pork fat?

Serving the universe or man are certainly very virtuous goals. The universe would include everything: self, a BLT sandwich, man and everything else! It was the phrase, "I seek so that I might serve...MAN" that I had problems with. It would seem like in certain systems, there would be that sense of fraternity, of helping others, especially within the chosen system. Unfortunately, my sense of disappointed came from the lack of this assistance from certain people. Perhaps, they are anti-social? Perhaps, our personalities just don't work well. Perhaps, they actually hate me and are merely pretending to show fraternity under the vestiges of their Oath? Maybe, they do not have the skill or expertise or the self-esteem necessary to help? Maybe, this lack of assistance was just an exercise of finding the answers myself? It doesn't matter anymore because I continue to seek the answers myself and I have moved on. It's really funny how when one door closes, three more open in its place.

But I kept thinking about it. I kept looking for the answers to the dilemma. A bit of inspiration came to me when I asked a very simple question posed to a group of people on Facebook. I thought maybe, I would get five responses TOPS. The discussion string ended in 18 responses in less than three hours, from people I know were also at work. I was absolutely touched. Then, a very good friend of mine reminded me of a television show, The Twilight Zone and a particular episode. Here is an excerpt from the show:

Twilight Zone: To Serve Man Part III

That made me realize, perhaps they didn't really want to "serve a really good BLT", the disappointing people were actually aliens who wanted to serve man.... to eat us.

Post script: Check out the rest of the episode in the side bar to the YouTube link

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