Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just A Little Note of Progress

It has been a while since I have posted. My latest project has taken over a lot of my free time and I have been grateful for it. I have been presented with a large body of knowledge and I have using all of my spare time reading the material and other related works. I have also picked up a couple of fiction books, which is absolutely amazing for this little left brainer because 98% of my reading material over the last 10 years has been technical. I am absolutely loving all of it. The projects also requires a small amount of ritual preparation and planning, which has also taken up a significant amount of my time. I am grateful for the Work and I have found a great amount of inspiration in it.

The most significant result of the Work has been certain communications with what I will call "entities". I know there are other, more commonly used words for my "entities" but I am most comfortable with this term. Some entities come to me when I call them, some during altered states of consciousness and some when I hardly expect them. Each time of contact, I reach a state of awareness and peace. Well, most of the time I reach this state. Sometimes, they wake me at 3AM for several days in a row, which has not been too settling due to lack of sleep. Although the sleep deprivation has been fucking annoying, I am grateful for their tenacity. Certain messages have been conveyed to me about my personal life by the 3AM entities. I will most likely blog on my experiences with them in a future post.

It's the altered state of consciousness in the context of tapping the egregore that I intend on discussing in my next post.


Yvonne said...

Would you mind describing the "entities" more fully? This is for comparative interest. I have missed your writing.

PhoenixAngel said...

Hi Nutty Professor!. Sure, I will try to elaborate.

entities: supernatural beings or intelligences that are not of human form, e.g. spirits or angels