Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tapping the Egregore Part II

Tonight I had every intentions to post my bit on consciousness in the context of tapping the egregore but I have been inspired to write on something different.

My post tonight is about Power. When one taps an egregore, there is an overwhelming sense of Power within yourself, from the Magick and from the other participants within the egregore. This energy encircles you like a cloud of smoke, filling all of your senses and permeates your spirit. The energy is static/dynamic, loving/harsh and good/bad simultaneously. The energy is all these qualities because the task is left to us what we intend to do with this power, which is a mightier power in and of itself. Do we use it for personal gain? Do we use it to help others?

I have always felt that, magickally invoked or not, Power becomes a Life of its own. Power possesses intelligence, a capacity to grow, the ability to die and the energy to reproduce. Power is a being that calls for the deepest level of respect. Power should never be abused or neglected but even when it is, can still yield positive returns.

My good friend Karmaghna made the statement that "making Life is bittersweet". I knew what he was talking about on more than one level but I immediately thought about my children. I am not perfect but I have always held pride for being a good mom. Being a mom (or a dad) is bittersweet. You take responsibility to nurture, to encourage and to care for a child. You struggle with their problems and celebrate their victories. You try to allow them to be all that they can be without imposing your own issues of ego or defects of personality. Parents sometimes abuse their children. People use them for their own bidding or to inflate their own egos or to overcompensate for things they lack. Power is like a child.

But children, in the worst circumstances, still have the ability to be beautiful loving people or children in the best of circumstances can grow to be horrible and hated people. I do not have an answer for this question, perhaps we should expand upon this concept in my next blog post.

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