Monday, May 2, 2011

A Transition Marked By the Beltaines

This weekend I was absolutely BUSY: three rites on Thursday, a public Beltaine family friendly ritual on Friday and a very sexy and hedonistic private ritual on Saturday. I would have gone to a third Beltaine ritual on Sunday had I not been thoroughly hungover.

Thursday rites were done in accordance with some planetary work that I have been stoked about and the experience has given me some much needed inspiration for my upcoming work with the Goddess Sisters. Every time I have done a Thursday rite (4 so far), I find myself gaining a greater and deeper understanding of the Goddess Sisters as a result of the Work so I know that I am doing the right thing. The planetary work is absolutely and positively the experience that I need to call the Goddess Sisters.

Friday's ritual was done druid style and although I really have no intentions to follow a druid path, I always love to involve myself in my beloved Tribe's rituals. They have become very much a part of my extended family and I love them dearly. I have made such a spiritual connection with my Tribe, a connection that includes the valuable communication, respect and trust that I need to flourish. The communication, respect and trust is not only one-way but includes a valued reciprocity of energy. As a single working mom and magician, it is helpful to have a community to lean upon in times of need. It is both empowering and touching to see my sisters and brothers caring for each other, my own and me. Many times, I have glanced over and seen my dear Jupiter angel getting hugs and Love from my Tribe or loving support for a sister who is going thru a hard time. In my heart, this is a true form of Magick, Love for each other and the children. It's one thing to tap into an egregore, it's another to have a sense of community.

I also have hopes of establishing a strong connection with the members that are involved with my new project. Time will only tell but the venture hold much promise.

Saturday's rite was done by my circle sisters. I have found an even deeper connection with these women. Surprisingly enough, the relationship with a couple of my sisters started a bit rocky but I can now trust and love them like they were of my own blood, but better. They call me out on my bullshit and I can call them on theirs, all with Love and Empowerment. We have shared Henna and wine and tears of both joy and sadness... The rite involved each of the sisters, included the Great Rite and a surprise appearance of an absolutely stunning May Queen. We relished our foods and drink, danced, sang and drummed well into the night. A blessing was granted to me that I haven't experienced for YEARS. I found my voice again. My voice finally surfaced from years of being buried and showed itself with passions enflamed. Now, I just need to figure out what I can do with it again :)

One reason for my homage to my Tribe and my circle sisters was due to their support they gave me to rid myself of a negative influence that has plagued me for the better part of a year now. Their help and the assistance of another magician (I refuse to "name drop" but he knows who he is) has allowed me to look at the negative influence in a different perspective and see how the influence has been eating me alive. It is no coincidence that the culmination of these realizations ended with me finding my voice again...

I can now say that I am finding happiness and joy.

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