Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Prelude for Wisdom

"...never to ridicule or cast criticism or curses upon the form of religion professed by another, for what right have you to desecrate what is sacred in their eyes"

"This is the Scepter of Wisdom which shall conduct thee always on the path of Knowledge. It symbolizes religion and spiritual desire which guides and regulates life. Remember to hold all religions in reverence, for there is none but contains a ray of the ineffable Light that thou art seeking"

These two phrases have been STUCK in my mind lately. The phrases are two passages from rites that I have been involved in. It's been really bugging me and I desperately needed some resolution in order to continue. I found myself at a crossroads. I came across the following very profound video:

Arvo Part - Fur Alina

Inspiration comes to me from several places. This time it was from a friend who posted this link on his Facebook page. The deeper meanings of the video hit me like waves, like the invisible sound waves Master Arvo was trying to explain. Since I am classically trained I could understand what he was talking about, but most of all I understood his deep-seated struggle with trying to explain the beauty of the music that he felt intuitively obtained through years of training, not something one can explain with a few sentences to people with no common ground. He desperately tries to use a metaphor to describe his analysis of the music:

"..a need to concentrate on each sound, so that every blade of grass would be as important as a flower."

This video provided me with a metaphor for my understanding of magick and magickal perspectives or traditions in the context of the Master describing the beauty of the Prelude to the Fugue. My perspective have been criticized or cuckolded by some in the magickal community as naive, totally wrong or insolent. But like the Master, I struggle with the definitions, trying desperately to describe the mechanics of something very intangible using my perspective, background and opinions. Although this perspective may not be accepted by others, its still my perspective and who has the right to criticize me or ANYONE for the matter on perspectives that I/they have gained through the experience of Life? It shows ignorance, hypocrisy, disrespect and intolerance, traits that conflict with the first two phrases concerning religion and spiritual desire. The Master continues with the following:

"This is a complicated story. I don't understand myself. But I have an idea what I would like to say"

Master Arvo very humbly explains that he does not understand the Beauty of the Prelude completely despite his expertise, but he still tries to RESPECTFULLY provide the explanation.

And finally, the Master sums up my sentiments of this issue I have been struggling with with the following:

"Its not the tune that matters so much here. It's the combination with the triad. It makes such a heart-rending union. The soul yearns to sing it endlessly."

The goal of the Master was to try to explain the Beauty with the basis of common ground. I offer this one other piece of the puzzle of knowledge and understanding in my humble perspective:

If one does not understand the human condition, how else can one become a better human?

I have made peace with this issue. The goal is to find the common ground, which is the human condition so eloquently portrayed by Master Arvo.


Robert said...

It has been my long experience, that what one sends out, one receives.

PhoenixAngel said...

Yes! Absolutely! I have been blessed with so much guidance and Love and I am internally grateful

PhoenixAngel said...

uh, eternally and internally...LOL