Friday, June 10, 2011

Egregore Empathy

I have been thinking alot about empathy and egregores. It's one of the lessons that has presented itself in a series of incidents over the last two to three months, which culminated today. More on the specifics of this lesson in a later post.

A tragedy happened just recently. The toddler son of a brother in one of my working groups passed away. I felt extreme sadness, despite my minimal interaction with the brother. The loss of a child is one of the greatest sorrows a human can endure. He is also in my Facebook list so I had remarked about some pictures of his children last week. I told the brother that I felt his children were extremely beautiful. I love seeing pictures of loved ones of my fraters and sorors because it reveals a deeper perspective of them, as humans. Our families and loved ones, in whatever form that may take, inspire, motivate and shape our outlook on life on a daily basis. They have a profound effect on our Will.

In the magickal blogosphere and within our groups, temples, lodges, covens, circles, groves, tribes... or whatever...we call each other frater/soror or brother/sister generally out of mutual respect and magickal kinship, despite any real blood ties. I believe it is something more for me. When I share experiences/resources and tap an egregore, I develop a spiritual familial-type bond, something that goes deeper than an associate within my profession or a fellow student at an institution of learning. I develop an empathy, which molds my understanding of the human condition in a vicarious way. Empathy is truly beneficial because this knowledge augments and enriches my own lessons in a means similar to doing my own Work but definitely stronger than that of an "armchair magician" perspective.

I share their victories... but also their deep sorrows, which is very powerful. I open my heart and REACH OUT in times of need. Any other way would be a disappointment for me.

Tonight, I am sending some compassion and kind thoughts. I will also say some prayers for him and his family.

My dear Frater or Soror Reader... would you say a prayer now for our brother and his family? When you have the need, I will save a prayer for you, as I know you will do for me...

Thank You


HilbertAstronaut said...

Rest well, little one. May you find peace in the bosom of the Blessed Mother.

Unknown said...

It seems that several of our online brothers and sisters have lost loved ones recently. As bereaved as I am for their losses, it is a small comfort to see the community reach out to them as they have.

Your brother and his family will be in my prayers tonight.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with the family of the little boy who passed away.