Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Land Of Sun and Air

The territory for my day job is focused mainly within the desert. Over the years, I have developed a fondness for the region and it's ecology with its desert tortoises, Joshua Trees and golden eagles. The summers are quite hot (up to 107, degrees Fahrenheit on average) and the region is plagued by high winds (up to 75 miles per hour). My region is literally the Land of Sun and Air, so much that these have become my major clients in my day job:

I have developed a Love for the area because significant parts of my identity are also Sun and Air. As magicians can we learn from about ourselves from a specific climate? I believe so. If the Land of Sun and Air was a person, I would relate to them and have common interests. I think the biggest lesson we can learn about the climate of the region is how the other elements play their roles within that specific location.

In the desert "system", there is very little precipitation and few bodies of water. Water is precious in the region and has to be conserved and respected. I use this same analogy for myself, the watery qualities within myself require extra care and tending, otherwise the system that is "me" tends to break down and become toxic. My emotions are a good example of these fluid qualities I need to tend to. I have to constantly check where my emotions are, otherwise they get the better of me and overcome me. (A task that is easier said than done for this Leo Sun and Aquarius Rising.) There was one example that I learned from my years ago, it was an oasis in an otherwise very dry area, Owens Lake due north of the Mojave Desert . Many years ago, the metropolis of Los Angeles, California used the lake as drinking water and after many years deplenished the lake of water. The dessication of the Lake caused damage to the region in a way that illustrates what happens when water is neglected within the Land of Sun and Air.

The dust (earth) that used to be under the Lake has poisoned the Land of Sun and Air making the air unbreathable/unhealthy and visibility conditions to be very poor. The lack of the little bit of water contained within the region has had this effect. Neglect the water and you no longer have the beauty of the Land of Sun and Air. You can no longer see or breathe.

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HilbertAstronaut said...

I appreciate this reflection more after having moved from a wet and green place on the ocean to central New Mexico. It was a shock at first, perhaps because my nature is watery, but after a while it has taught me to appreciate water when it does come, and the different smells that plants have here.