Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Magick Scatological PFD

This post was inspired by a recent discussion at a Tribe meeting, my beloved eclectic pagan group. We were talking about the difference between high magick and low magick. I was able to bring up some pertinent details and personal experiences of what I believed to be the difference. I am in no way an expert. The highlights of my statements about the discussion were, "you end up bringing up alot of crap" and "it's not all about Light and Love"

People like to talk shit. I am not immune to this. When you talk enough shit and you are doing the Work, you end up shoveling shit. As with any process, I tend to think in an engineering perspective, so I came up with a PFD. A process flow diagram or PFD is a diagram that shows the sequential steps of a process or operation. A PFD is like a map of a process with direction indicators and landmarks. Here is my own magickal scatological PFD (with some narrative):

First you have to shovel shit. This is a stinky back breaking job, not for the faint of heart or the weak. You can probably conjure... i mean... hire some manual laborers, AKA (in the magickal world) minions, to do the job but you run the risk of not having your shit in the right place or stinking up your house if you let minions inside ...nothing worse than stinkin' minions. If you are shoveling your own shit, you are most likely doing high magick. Be careful not to concentrate too hard on shoveling shit because if you do, you run the risk of going bat shit crazy.


Next you get some seeds to plant in your shit. It could be flowers, veggies, fruits, trees or whatever. Keep in mind, not all seeds will grow in your crap. Plants have nutrition requirements. Be careful what you feed you poop generator, because garbage in is garbage out. Regardless of the type of seed, you will have to stick you fingers in your poop to plant the seeds. Its a good idea to plant your seeds where they will get some Sun, because the last time I checked, seeds cannot grow by the beams of the Moon or the twinkle of Saturn ...or whatever (we need real Light, peoples)


Please note: if you're talented enough to know how to make your own tools, that probably means that you progressed enough karma to make the job of the Great Work a lil easier but the fact still remains you still have to deal with your shit.


Finally, you need to tend to your seeds, Love them. Give them water and sunlight. Pick out the weeds that might also grow in your crap and choke out your seeds. If you're persistent and determined, the seeds will grow. This is the low magick part of the process.


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