Monday, October 10, 2011

Rant About Sparkly Vampires

People are looking for a sense of humanity. Something that screams out to them that they are not alone. There are idiots whose usual response is a joke or their odd form of humor. I don’t trust these people. They are DICKS!! A person seeking a sense of humanity is seeking compassion and understanding, not some foolish cajoling. Don’t get me wrong, some people are truly happy-go-lucky type of people, usually positive but people who are truly that way radiate that type of energy with sincerity, even online, especially in person.

Some people force a response of happiness, which makes me distrust them even more for I feel they are fearful/uncomfortable of being sad or angry or are oblivious to the injustice around them or do not have a proper sense of equality...or dare I say, are nut bags.

My disdain of this dripping syrupy exaltation of happiness is worsened by the images I see this time of year portraying green faced ugly witches, itsy bitsy fairies and sparkly vampires. Witches, fairies and vampires would kick you ass in all reality (or surreality...LOL, whatever). I have kids and I understand the need for a sugar coated portrayal. You caint have them sleep in your bed all of the time and the inevitable "monsters under the bed" or "monster in the closet" or "monster down the hall" will develop out of little imaginations despite how much we protect or comfort them.

The monsters are ingrained within our very being and the essence of our imagination.

Nah...what pisses me off is my own fantasies are ruined by the repackaged prepubescent-palatable charicatures of sparkly vampires and numbed by the anti-depressant-induced one sided view of the universe. (Booming fast talking announcer voice: side effects for sparkly vampires may include blurred vision, bloating, loss of appetite, erectile dysfunction and loss of libido!!) The only semblance of a smile is when the vampire bears their fangs to bite your neck with complete sincerity, only seriousness. I want the thrill of venturing into the dark side, facing my fear, or perhaps just modifying my comfort level. The truth is...Stoker-ish vampires have always turned me on. A reverie of a demon delivering a puncture thrust to my throat and sucking life-giving fluids is enough to send pulsations through my body, (sexual innuendo is intended.)

Afterall, isn’t that why we seek out other humans? That instinct to “not feel alone” is just a variation of our need to procreate, to combine the dick in the cunt, the light with the dark, the male with the female and the positive with the negative. Procreation is our innermost need to create, bringing light together with the innermost darkness of our imagination.

No wonder those idiots are called dicks.

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