Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Integrating and Differentiating the Divine

Light is both a particle and a wave... simple physics. My Dear Readers know that I try very hard to see the Universe and spirituality in terms that I know and have worked with the most. Science and math are a big part of my identity. I do not try to attempt to force the Divine into the limitations of the physical world and my attempts really have to deal with more resolving the abstract idea of "As above, so below, as below, so above" within the context of my own experiences and personality.

I guess my re-visitation of the science and math has a lot to do with my recent discovery of some new resources of Knowledge. It has been very good for me and I have found a new motivation towards my Work. I feel I am at a point where I am at another crossroads. It's both scary and exciting simultaneously. 

So recently I was toying with some ideas of basic physics and calculus and found the following metaphysical correspondences, which I find quite delightful

x''==> dv/dt = a(t) = acceleration
Acceleration is also known as the point on the curve (particle on the wave)  and can be attributed to the metaphysical concept of "TO DARE". Anytime we change our constant motion, or velocity, we are accelerating (or decelerating). Acceleration implies growth (or decay) to me because we are not going at the same "comfortable" steady rate of speed.

x'==> ds/dt= v(t) = velocity 
Velocity is motion at a constant speed and can be associated with the "TO GO". 
Velocity, simply put, is motion... but mathematically it also symbolizes the slope of the tangent line of a particular part of a curve. The slope can be either positive or negative or sometimes seen as decreasing or increasing, which is symbolic, in that, our paths can lead us to positive experiences or negative experiences.

x==> f(x) = the curve or the wave

The curve or the wave is associated to the concept of, "TO KNOW", to me because the actual graphic representation gives you an idea what the curve really looks like. The curve has form. When you can recognize a form or a pattern or a shape, you are exhibiting the concept of "TO KNOW".  The graphical representation of the wave is not simply a particle, or a line representing the descent or ascent of a particular portion of a wave. The curve has a shape that our minds can grasp.

Finally, the wave can be integrated mathematically within the bounds of infinity and zero. 
Infinity is a representation of the Divine.
The wave can now be referred to as Light in these equations:

Integral f(x) -->zero 
Integrating knowledge as the Light approaches zero is the idea of "TO BE SILENT"
Integral f(x) --->infinity 

Integrating Knowledge as the Light approaches the Divine is the idea of "TO WILL"


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