Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I am a Leo and a very persistent and determined individual, which means it takes a little while before I actually give up. I actually clocked my "Cycle of Surrender" to 7 years, which I am certain has more meaning than I care to discuss in this venue. For the most part, this has served me well and when I finally do give up, I can feel good that I tried my best.

Disclaimer: Persistence and Determination can cause headaches, backaches, swelling in the lower extremities, dizziness, flatulence and nausea.

Like all medications we take to heal ourselves, surrender, persistence and determination has it's side effects: PAIN. It doesnt matter if it is the pain caused by the persistence or the pain caused by the surrender, its still pain. A real healing does not cover pain. It gets to the source of the illness.

I learned tonight that to get to any resolution to the two opposing forces of  Persistence/Determination and Surrender, you have to grow... but for me personally, first, I have to surrender.

...and on an even more serious note, it seems as though some in the blogosphere just do not learn this and want to wallow in their own self pity. Oh well, good tidings from me that are not appreciated lose their intended meaning. I guess that is really "doing magick" in their opinion?

If you want to learn to be a better human, you must first learn to be a human.

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Unknown said...

To be a better human, Learn to be a human? What a concept! :)
Namaste, B.F.