Monday, October 8, 2012

Resurrection and Frequency Response

I know. Its been a long time since I posted...but I have been going through the process of re-inventing myself, resurrection. The process has taken a lot of my time so although I have several posts in the queue, they just haven't come to any fruition.

I have been thinking about structure, form, decay, resurrection and rebirth, which the Persephone myth is such a great model for. I guess the thoughts finally began to come to fruition when Frater BF suggested that a specific form of magick that I use should also be devoted/designated to a Higher Good in order to continue in efficacy. I have to admit, that many of my more "practical magick" was severely lacking this notion.

I also asked myself. "Resurrection and on-going growth require a structure and are iterative processes but can quickly become lost if we forget about the Divine?? I guess that's a component of "letting go".

Soror LA noted that, like the Persephone myth,  once we enter Hades, we go through the process of reinventing ourselves and therefore are able to experience our bigger selves (the Big Self) and some sense of Ego (ie little self) drops out because that part is no longer relevant. This also idea reminded me of a snake shedding skin.

I asked myself, "Does snake skin decay?"
So I asked myself, "Does snake skin decay? Do we have sufficient fertilizer for regrowth? Frater BF made more sense of the analogy of the snake in resurrection and rebirth when he commented that through the Great Work, mages experience the self, but our experience oscillates between Big Self and little self. "Oscillate" was the operative word for me and instantaneously I began to think of frequency response diagrams. 

Spring/Mass Phase shift between loading and steady-state response. Note the points of intersection
The "steady-state response" is the little self and the Bigger Self is the "loading response". The cycles are very snake like, visually so maybe the snake I was thinking of wasn't the actually snake animal but the idea of a oscillation. The spring will oscillate at a certain constant cycle (the steady state response) but will oscillate at higher frequency once a load (mass) is applied, as in the loaded response. EPIPHANY!!! The load applied to the "Spring" (AKA Persephone in Hades), causes a larger more profound response, or human experience. The entire analogy is the process of Western Mystery Tradition. Of course, these ideas also reminded me of the hermetic idea: 

"Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right, is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates." — The Kybalion.

Through all of my reinvention, one obstacle has always been is that I don't allow myself time to feel the pain. It has been a hard lesson to allow myself to feel, or "be like water". You really have to feel the pain of shedding your skin in order to be part of the whole resurrection process. Shortly after the conversation between Frater BF and Soror LA, my sweet Jupiter angel asked me to play the song.

The song is a perfect anthem of pain, mortality and final acceptance of one's true self or the Big Self.

Then following image appeared on one of my Facebook's pages:

Unknown Title by Salvador Dali

The painting was captioned with the following poem. 

Mi corazón, como una sierpe, se ha desprendido de su piel,
y aquí la miro entre mis dedos llena de heridas y de miel.
Los pensamiento que anidaron en tus arrugas, ¿dónde están?
¿Dónde las rosas que aromaron a Jesucristo y a Satán?

¡Pobre envoltura que ha oprimido
a mi fantástico lucero!
Gris pergamino dolorido de lo que quise y ya no quiero

by Federico Garcia Lorca

Here is my rough translation

My heart, like a serpent, has shed his skin, and here I look through my fingers full of wounds and honey.

The thought that nested in your wrinkles, where are they?

Where roses smell sweet? Jesus Christ and Satan?

Poor habitations has oppressed my fantastic light!

Grey skin of pain of what I wanted and did not want
Here is the completely esoteric part: Finally, I began to make sense of a certain ritual that contains knocks, which in my metaphysical experience was overlaid with the sounds of a beating heart... Perhaps that "light rushing out in one ray" were actual nodes of the Bigger Self/little self where the two cyclical lines intersect?

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