Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Shamanistic Journey with the GPS God

  • I talk a lot about my Jupiter Angel here in this venue but I also have another special loved one, my Leo Son. I love the boy and he always has had the unique ability to sense my emotions and do things like play a song that matches my mood or gives me insight. He also has always had the ability to make me laugh.

    My contemplation and meditation about Luna are not limited to only Full Moon rites, I also think about the disadvantages of Cancer, especially since my natal chart is filled with Cancer so understanding the aspects of the sign gives me insight about myself and my Path. It also helps me become a better parent.

    One of the greatest disadvantages of Cancer is smothering. I love my Jupiter Angel and my Leo Son but I am an overprotective and my failures have included times when I should have just allowed them to experience their own lessons from the consequences of their actions. If you look at the sign for Cancer, you can see how one swoop is sitting in a position of dominance, almost smothering the other swoop. The feel of the symbol gives one the feel of the potential of stagnancy since the circular arcs are pointing towards each other.The two swishes are stable and nurturing yet, potentially entrapping any movement. Though Cancer is a flowing sign, I think that, like the symbol, energy can be entrapped. (As an aside, I get the same feel from the Geomancy Figure of the Cancer attribution, Populus, but I will save that for another potential future post)

    Well, not too long ago, I had to make the very difficult decision to force my son to experience the consequences of his bad decisions. It was one of the hardest things I have done. It was difficult to sit back and let my Leo Son experience his own Path. (Again, reminds me of the other Geomancy Figure of the Cancer attribution, Via) After a long hiatus of letting my Leo Son experiences the consequence of his own actions, we went to go visit him, which brings up the intent of this post.

    I am not always gifted with the shamanistic journeys, as my dear Brother Davin Mac Lugh, who I know personally, have physically stood in ritual with and absolutely adore his Work. I have dreams and visions of the gods and guides but as I have noted in a previous post, my messages are sometimes fragmented. My angel tends to manifest messages in my mundane life,, in such things such as just finding my way to a location in my car and using my GPS.

    My GPS God is a trickster, yet a teacher. Perhaps, it was the blessings that I asked to be bestowed upon my cell phone from Hermes? As an aside, I recommend this as a ritual. In this age of technology where communication, the Internet and the world are at your fingertips, a blessing from Hermes bestowed upon your cell phone is just good practical Work. (bleh, I dislike that word 'practical' lately because of a recent post by a fellow blogger. It almost has a negative connotation to it now.) While you're at it you could also ask for blessing on your computer. I personally have used my cell phone to bring up sigils or other magickal symbols for rites in places like hotel rooms where resources are limited. One time I used my cell phone in place of a lamen with the symbol brought up on the Galaxy's screen and the phone placed between my bosom.

    Prior to my visit with my Leo Son, I banished really well. I also did the 4 "Ahs" in a similar manner as the Four Immeasurables that Sam Webster uses in his tantric Invocation of Hermes Pantos Apolytos ritual. I also asked for assistance from both Selene and Hecate, which are two Moon goddesses with very different energies, yet still be appropriate for dealing with a wayward Leo Son.

    Jupiter Angel and I almost didn't make it in time since the GPS Goddess sent me to the wrong place and the sun was in my eyes so I missed the sign. She sent me on some unmaintained washboard road, which would have been scary if it was dark and My Dear Readers already know about my limitations about driving at night.

    I took the "sun in my eyes, blinding me and going off track"
    as a Divine message
    ...a very strong one at that.
    The rest of the journey was way too allegorical to ignore. The washboard road led me to another beaten path where only the service trucks go and then it led me along an orchard with unripened fruit. The road came to a sharp turn along a private golf course with artificial green grass with no public access, and then down a dangerous bumpy road alongside gates with barbed wires. I could go no faster than a snail's crawl or else my vehicle would have been damaged. I could see where my Leo Son was on the other side but I still couldn't get to him. If I continued on it would lead me to an even bumpier desolate DIRT road in more orchards of unripened fruit and the road showed no guarantee of finding my Leo Son. The whole time, I was thinking to myself, this is definitely NOT where I want to take Jupiter Angel and myself.

    I have not included the rest of the messages I received during my journey, as they are way too difficult and painful for me to share.

    I wept, like a mother would, during the journey with the knowledge that even though it was just a series of wrong turns, the journey was a harbinger of Truth.

    Being gifted with the blessings of actually having the awareness of and experiencing certain truths through sensation without consequences is a true blessing. The Divine sometimes gives us ways to vicariously experience our potential future, much as we would with Tarot cards or a throw of some dice.

    Just keep your eyes open, your heart open and be willing to travel with the blessings of Hermes.


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