Monday, December 8, 2014

Jupiter Exaltation Work, Part I


Over the last several months, Life has been difficult and trying. I am accepting of this way of life and it is my path because I know, that out of Strife comes great things. It's that old adage, "if it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger". I am in a better location now and I do not have to constantly deal with the battle field, that WAS my life but material prosperity has been very ellusive. Go figure.

On a side note (and soon to be shown as a significant note), I made the realization that if you purify and consecrate your home on a regular basis, make sure you do the reverse circumambulation through your home afterwards.  Personally, I am finding that the intent of circumambulation is to bring in the higher aspirations of the Divine through cleansing  but you gotta bring that back down into the material plane. In my eclectic Wiccan training, I was told to just do the cleansing in one direction (three times) but if you think about the exercise in a Middle Pillar perspective, you really should circulate that energy in a reverse fashion for it to be complete. Not to say that the aforementioned routine is incorrect for some, it's just that I believe that if you do certain practices on a regular basis, like circumambulation or the Middle Pillar exercise, those practices settle into your being and consistency is the key. Those practices imprint themselves on to your Body of Light, sorta like a drop of water.

A Drop of Water


I have been a Priestess of Jupiter for a good three years now with regular devotion and work to Jove, Zeus and the Jupiter planetary energies, which is based on and inspired by Rufus Opus' works. The ritual uses the Orphic Hymn to Jove as the invocation. For about a year, I was doing rites weekly and thereafter, about 2-3 times per month. My regular commitment is at least once per month. About a year ago, I was inspired by Austin Coppock to do some work and research into the exaltation of the planetary energies, which can be found in the table below:

Since I was already accustomed to the various modes and energy of Jupiter with my previous  two years' work, I decided to expand upon my jupiterean work by exploring its exaltation. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer.


Since I am an engineer, by day. I decided to do my research by using the scientific method. Though magickal work is metaphysical in nature, the process still can be applied. The scientific method is simply a means to investigate phenomena or to gain a body of knowledge and therefore, with that perspective, can be used for all human experiences. Is it any wonder that some of the greatest philosophers were also scientific people?

School of Athens by Raphael
If you remember back in sixth grade, the scientific method can be loosely described as a series of steps: question, hypothesis, experiment, observation, record results (data), analyze and conclusion.

The process also calls for what is called "scientific controls", which limits the amount of variables, which could effect the results. The idea is to keep certain things at a constant, such as temperature, pressure or time of day so the analysis does not have to consider these variables as possibly changing the experiment and data.

Controlling variables is not an easy thing in the laboratory, even more difficult in the context of life and metaphysics.


  Discussion in the upcoming article



Blogos said...

So what are you doing exactly? Magickal experiments? Keeping records of Jupiter's influence on your personal life? Sorry it didn't seem to be clear from the post. Cheers!

PhoenixAngel said...

Blogos, thanks for writing! It will become more clearer as I write about the different parts. I just didnt want to put it all in one article.