Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Thoth Fool Card

This card reminds me of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. The Scarecrow is the one Dorothy met first on the yellow brick road, wanted a brain, got a diploma from the Wizard and became the Mayor of the Emerald City. I know there's more than one reference to CM there.

The "mom" interpretation of the Tarot
Dorothy (self) needs to find her scarecrow (the awkward, clumsy guy with the thirst for knowledge) first before she can meet the wizard.

The card also shows the Hebrew letter, Aleph and the symbol for air ===> Breath of life? Knowledge?

In the foreground is a swirly shape (golden mean) stemming from his heart followed by two eliptical shapes with a cadeuceous symbol, butterfly and a bird. No clue what type of bird. More air references and the swirl/heart must imply beauty, which implies balance.

The Fool appears to be falling backward while carrying a burden of wheat on his shoulders. He's falling over a crocodile and a cougar is biting his thigh. Earth references and definitely negative implications.

Tarot according to the engineer
This card reminds me of load and combustion configurations in IC engines. Larger loads (earth) require a bigger engine, which requires more air and fuel (air/earth). Any engine requires a scalar balance between the air and fuel, ie controlled combustion.

Swirl ==> Balance
Summation of wheat, cougar, crocodile ==> earth ==> load
Load = Engine + Air/fuel
Too much air ==> need catalyst for the soot.
Too little air ==> your engine wont run.
If your engine/car wont run <==> you cant get to Work.

Looks like I need the bigger engine with a better filter on it.

How's that for esoteric!

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