Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hold the Feather Loosely

I have been struggling with the idea of hedonism. I have been trying to allow myself pleasure. I feel awkward sometimes, which seems to subside after a little while and then it feels natural, not forced. I cannot stand people who force "fun". They seem a little crazy and/or seem like they desperately need an adjustment to their antidepressant medication. I would rather the feeling of joy and pleasure be a natural thing.

I was chatting with a friend about hedonism and she gave me the following advice, "Hold the feather loosely, balance is a moving target". The statement was very appropriate given my latest work with the goddess. I keep trying to find balance but once I think I have it correct, things change again.

I liked that advice. Never really thought about it in that way. So what does this mean to me:

I need to give some wiggle room in my personal growth. It got me to think about the concept of impulse, which is a concept that is directly derived from Newtons second law. If one wants to lessen the impact of a force, all you have to do is spread the force out over distance and/or time. Anyone who has driven a vehicle has experienced impulse. You know, when you driving 90 MPH and you have to slow down to a dead stop. You apply your foot gradually, maybe just tap the brakes and then at the stop light you apply your foot more and then let your foot up a little so the car doesnt come to a sudden jerk at the light. That's impulse!

When it comes to the Work, I need to learn to loosen my grip or let up off the brakes a little.

I am thankful that a "balanced" friend help me get past a huge hurdle. I am feeling more like who I am now.

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