Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Magick of a Healing Esbat

I have six siblings and I am the youngest. I have never really felt a closeness to them. The words, "sisters and brothers" never had the deep-felt meaning to me, like has been gifted to most other people with siblings. I have likened it to the same denotation as if I were an only child. A sibling was just some person who one shares DNA with. This feeling has always given me deep sadness and resentment because I have felt all alone. My parents, lovingly, and unknowingly, also put alot of stress on me to "right" the mistakes that my siblings made. I was pulling my hair out in chunks at the age of 9, from all of the pressure.

It is quite a BURDEN to feel like one has to pay for the sins of another.

I spoke of a friend in an earlier post, who has had chronic pain for sometime. Tonight, we had a Healing Esbat for her. Although I was drained from some family trauma, I jumped at the opportunity. I love her from the deepest parts of my soul. Whenever I am with her, I have a feeling of peace. I can be myself around her, quiet, angry, sad, defiant, mischievous, happy, or goofy. Tonight, I was able to pool energy that I didnt know was within me, despite the drain.

Now, because of my whole "brothers and sister" connotation, I always felt awkward with the words "brother/sister/frater/soror" because I have never really understood what it meant. Tonight, I experienced some healing too. I felt the brother and sister feeling for the FIRST TIME, in my whole life. It's a power of connection, that transcends the physical plane of mind and body, a feeling of unity.

It was quite powerful because the people who were in attendance were from obviously very different parts of the path, 2 witches, a druid and a mage with very different experiences and backgrounds, combined in one very focused and specific goal, love and healing.

Just imagine what we could do for the world in general, if we could ever see past our differences, combine with our brothers and sisters, and focus our spiritual voices into a common and unifying goal?

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