Monday, August 30, 2010

The wanna-be chimes in about altars

I have been very quiet lately. I know. My path has thrown some heavy issues at me lately and I find I am more in a depressed mode. I try to deal with the issues as much as possible but it has been a struggle. When I am overwhelmed, my knee-jerk reaction is to close in on myself, which usually leads to physical sickness so I have been trying not to let that happen.

I grew up with at 3 altars in my home, albeit 2 were very Catholic, but altars nonetheless. My mother always had a general purpose one and one concentrated on the particular saint my ethnicity was celebrating. My father always had one for offerings. Altars mean home to me so I have felt resurrection now that I can keep one, or 3 in my case.

Since I have not committed myself officially to one path, I keep three: one honoring my Catholic background, one for general-purpose Pagan and a GD one. Both the Pagan and the GD can be quickly be put away when I have muggles in my house. My general purpose is more elaborate than my GD. I despise too much clutter so I keep everything simple. My mother's altars were quite elaborate but were formed over time and with intent. A thrown together altar doesn't feel right to me so i keep only those objects that are meaningful. I place offerings in different places in my home, depending on what I am honoring and how I am honoring. This was my father's tradition and I keep it alive. I feel strongly that the magick of reverence and love should reside anyplace in one's home.

One of my sisters keeps a portable altar. Since she has been a high priestess on more than one occasion, I understand the function. She keeps it in a traveling cosmetic case. Too cool. The most ingenious idea for an alter was a man kept his in a film canister. His little sword, was a sewing needle. He included tiny candles. That just blows my mind!


HilbertAstronaut said...

I'm glad to see mention of portable altars -- those didn't come up much in the recent posts to which you refer.

The most awesome portable (well, purpose-built) altar I've ever seen was constructed of ice blocks in Alaska by two USAF airmen in parkas. An RC priest then said Mass on it. The shot of him elevating the Host was transcendent. (btw he was vested as usual, and the two airmen stayed in their parkas, so it must have been _really_ cold.)

PhoenixAngel said...

HilbertAstronaut: Good to see you here again!!! Ice blocks are not really something one can stash in the overhead compartment :) but that is sooo cool (quite literally too). That would have been great to see in person. Awesome.

HilbertAstronaut said...

:-) not sure if you've gotten the e-mail i sent -- it was through Blogger so it might have gotten nommed by /dev/null or something ;-)

I'll have to find a picture of that altar. That priest had this great skinny Teilhard kind of look ;-) It was in an obscure calendar, though.

HilbertAstronaut said...
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