Sunday, October 24, 2010


I think that Geburah has been the basis for my life for 2 decades now. I was given a challenge to provide a non-physchological/sexual explanation for the sephirot below the abyss. Although my studies have indicated that Geburah is probably the very hardest to explain, I can do it (at least in my perspective.

The last sephira, Chesed, was the physical plane. So what's next? When you go from the physical plane, what dimension do we go to? Its motion as a function of time, an analogy of one's personal actions. Mathematically, when one integrates space, as a function of time, it becomes velocity, or motion. Its the choices we make in life and the direction and speed at which we make those decisions of life that limits or determines the severity of our Path. Choices and actions are restrictive, like Geburah. Choices and actions are equivalent to the variables of distance and time in the velocity equation. We are free to lead our lives in the way we choose, but with consequences. As Frater Robert has said in his Tarot classes, if we choose the Path of marrying a drug addict, then the consequences of that action (in my case, 2 children) will determine my limitations. (This may be a bad paraphrase, but this is how I interpreted it)

I have lived the past 2 decades trying desperately to counteract my mistakes and mishaps. Living within the severity. Don't get me wrong, it not like I suffer from a severe bout of "Pity Party". Not like that at all! I subscribe to the concept that we are only given those obstacles that we can endure. It provides the framework for our life and therefore strength.

What I need to work on is the concept that too much framework or strength will only eventually lead to a break down. It can lead to insanity. Its doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. I have become so obsessed with a VERY SPECIFIC framework that I forget about the concept of Chesed, ie, that there are OTHER perfectly valid building blocks for the framework of life.

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