Monday, October 18, 2010

The Plane and the Pyramid

RO mentioned in my last post, "Dont forget the plane". When I look at the descriptions of the sephira, I cannot attribute any one sephiroth to a "plane", except for the combination of the top three, Kether, Chokmah and Binah. In Calculus, the area under the curve which is created through points, lines and curves, ie "integration", is a plane. One can build upon a plane and the top plane (the 3 spheres of Kether, Chokmah and Binah) is the shape of a triangle, a 2-dimensional object. In engineering, a simple reinforcement of a structure involves a triangle, or a truss (planar). The unique property of a triangle is that a triangle's shape will not be effected if one change the length of the sides. It will still be a triangle.

When one becomes an engineer, one studies in great detail the various volumetric shapes such as the sphere, the cone, the cube or a pyramid. The pyramid (which is composed of several planar trusses) stands out in my memory for my next sephira, Chesed. Incidentally, the GD books I been studying implies that they pyramid is the shape for Chesed. This sephira is the one whereas the Tree moves to the physical plane. This reminds me of something that called the "right hand rule" in statics, whereas the direction of the third axis, ie the 3rd dimension or the physical plane, can be determined using the hand by wrapping the fingers in the direction of the two other axis. No wonder that Chesed is on the right hand side. I can remember that...

I had to think. How does the math relate to the attribute of "Mercy"?

When one becomes a builder, architect or engineer. The 3-D shapes, like spheres, cones, cubes or pyramids, becomes the basis for your design. You have to understand them. Know how they work. Know them intuitively and mechanically. Know their advantages and disadvantages. LEARN FROM THEM SO YOU CAN BUILD WITH THEM.

Isnt that what we do when we exhibit Mercy?

When we exhibit Mercy for ourselves and other people, we take the time to understand both the positive and the negative in the personality.

What makes them/me tick?
Why are they (or, am I) being such an asshole?
Why do we feel so much love for them (or myself)?

If you allow yourself to learn from these basic building block lessons from Mercy. You allow yourself to also understand what it is to be human....

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