Monday, November 22, 2010

The feather, the heart and two stones

I recently had some blockages cleared from my feet. The pain was excruciating so i turned to my dear friend Gynwyt Siarad for some help. The pain only occurred during rituals (and especially during my workings with Maat) and I suspected it had to deal the chakras in my feet. During the balancing he handed me 2 stones to hold in each hand that were supposed to balance and ground me.

The stones were a gift from his mentor. I felt special when he handed them to me. I always feel special when a friend shows me their tools, especially ones that are of obvious personal importance. The coolio tools they sell at occult stores and events are neato and badass but the simple, yet significant, are always the ones that impress me the most. Anyone who owns a prized ceramic casting of their toddler's hand print knows EXACTLY how I feel.

The stones visually reminded me of the spherical balls they put into a piece of machinery called a ball mill, which is used to grind rock. The balls are incredibly heavy for their size and they have to have strength in order to break the raw aggregate rock. Unlike a mill ball, Gynwyt's stones were, however, surprisingly light. I keep a mill ball in my office, along with my prized molybdenum aircraft turbine hex-nut. The stones ARE also surprisingly balanced, like my prized hex-nut and the stones were equal weight. I almost thought they were special seeds since Gynwyt Siarad is a druid.

So as I was laying there, holding them and analyzing them with my engineering mind, several things occurred to me. The stones were a Correspondence:

As above, so below, as below, so above - The Kybalion

The stones very much reminded me of my work with Maat, which consists of weighing my heart against Maat's feather in the scales of balance. My heart has to be measured so it can be judged as true and just (and worthy). But since the stones, also resembled my mill ball, I was also reminded that I can also be strong. This Correspondence was exactly what I needed:

I don't need to be WEAK in order to be light, my heart needs to be LIGHT like a feather.


Rufus Opus said...

Great news that the gates are opening and you've found your strength. You know in karate, they teach you that you're never stronger than your horse, a reference to the Horse Stance. It's your base, your connection to the earth. A strong horse makes for a stronger fighter.

You found strength. In your balls. :|

(snerk! couldn't resist, so sorry)

PhoenixAngel said...

Thanks RO! Yes, I do feel better since I found the strength and the "balls". Funny you should mention that because that's an analogy that kept "rolling" thru my mind. So far as the horse stance, yes, I know that agonizing position and one has to continue practicing it in order to keep limber for that stance. Yet another Correspondence!