Sunday, November 28, 2010

Had A Great Weekend, FML!!!

I am posting that I am happy. I had a relaxing weekend. No turkey though. I spent my Thanksgiving alone (sans kids) but the quiet did me good. Feeling stronger now that I have found my Strength again from my last Maat meditation. It has made all the difference now that I understand the semantics of "light" and "weak" and the words are not the same.

I spent part of my weekend hand-stitching personal ritual wear, despite the early onset of arthritis in my fingers. Although I am FULLY aware that one can purchase these items online, I feel strongly that the actual hand-work is part of the magick.

Our Tribe meeting also included some guests from another Central Valley California group, which was GREAT. It's always pleasant to hear the voices of other people on the Path. Their group, like ours, is a multi-tradition group, however, it did seem to consist mainly of eclectic wiccans. Although I have committed myself to the ceremonial magician path, I am always willing to hear the perspectives of other people. Maat is teaching me that. It's just part of who she is. Besides, I am not so stubbornly steadfast to my opinions YET. Sometimes, it takes a little while and a slight variation of the words to hear and see truth.

Our discussion included some talk spurred by the Water Witch about the latest "FML" craze, or Fuck My Life, which is essentially a bitching/moaning of how one's life is so messed up because of... well, MENIAL things, eg:

"My cell phone just dropped into the toilet and now I have to buy another one. FML"

Some valid points were brought up in the discussion about gratitude, appreciation and learning the lessons that have been gifted from the Goddess through the obstacles we face on an everyday basis. It was mentioned that the FML viewpoint is essentially showing disdain for god(dess) because you are gifted only with the obstacles that you CAN overcome.

On a lighter note, I am currently figuring out the choreography for my first belly dancing solo. I will be dancing to one of my favorite songs, Serenity by Godsmack


Unknown said...

I always liked the FML website because of the humor it injects into everyday annoyances. Turning an annoyance (menial or otherwise) into an "FML statement" allows you to move past a situation and laugh about it later, rather than getting emotionally caught up in the moment.

PhoenixAngel said...

@Pallus Renatus: Thanks for link. I did check it out. Shame on me for not doing my research before writing. I CAN see humor in some of the posts however our discussion was primarily in the perspective that FML (as sarcasm or humor) becomes, in and of itself, an obstacle to "moving past a situation". We discussed that there should be a balance between suppression/expression of emotion AND working on getting past the "heat of the moment" of a stressful situation using magick.

Thanks for the input and the link...

Oh GOD, Pallus disagreed with me and corrected me! I wont be able to live any longer because IM NOT PERFECT, FML ;)