Thursday, December 9, 2010

Imposition of One's Perspective

Lately, I have been plagued with anger and I have been finding it has stems from my desire to impose my expectation on others. That, and I'm angry at things I have no control over, which again is the imposition of my the way I think my environment should be. I have made an effort to become more aware of my environment, but in doing so, actually have become more aware of how I react to situations.

At first I really thought my flare ups were caused by some external force, somethings I needed to defend myself against but now I realize that the strongest force against myself has been within. As I write this, it sounds like a regurgitation of concepts that I have heard before (Again and again) but since I have issues with it (STILL), I must not fully understand it.

I consider myself a pretty intelligent cookie but the understanding I'm talking about is not something that is linearly related to an IQ score. In fact, I am almost positive that IQ can be a hindrance, because intelligence usually comes with a measure of arrogance and self-importance (ego).

In true PhoenixAngel form, my meditation on my issues has lead me to my engineering background and from a subject I really detested, vibrational analysis. I actually have been thinking about it for sometime in my efforts to get some good solid vibrations for ritual. Hopefully I can capture these thoughts in another post

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Unknown said...

RE: IQ; Not to mention that with high IQ usually comes a degree of social alienation. There are many areas of "intelligence" that make a human being, and those with the highest IQs are often (but thankfully not always) excluded from a fair number of them.