Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vibrational Analysis

This one of those posts that I tried desperately to finish... Writer's block. Too much for one blog post, so I'm going to wrap it up and be done with it:

Lately, my life feels like a spring, not the season though, the coily-thingy or a pendulum would also be a good example too. I go happy/sad, merciful/cruel, strong/weak, and good/bad. Up down, up down, up down and up down. Back and Forth and Back and Forth. Phew! That's exhausting!

I have been thinking about natural frequencies, vibrations, and oscillations, as they pertain to the Work, which has brought me back to some very painful lessons (my engineering class known as "vibes", a year of pure torture). So here are some thoughts that have come to mind and awareness to me

Frater Robert mentioned something about the Kundalini just recently, which to me is essentially a spiritual "spring".

My sister, My Gal, is pregnant and when she asked what we thought was the reason for her waddle, my response to her was that our bodies can be modeled as a simple spring and the extra mass causes increased oscillations to the body. I personally believe that the energy emanating from a pregnant mommy also occurs when they are sedentary, a cool/loving/positive type of "vibe".

The vibrations formed for ritual are controlled oscillations using the breath and causing the vocal chords to vibrate at certain frequencies.

So what do all of these spring concepts have in common? Energies are frequency vibrations. Too much vibrational energy can cause damage but in the right proportions can cause change that can be optimized, utilized and therefore perceived.

So what does this have to do with me? My spirit is going through new types of vibrations now, that although are quite refreshing, have been quite exhausting because the energy is still difficult for me to control. Like the spring or a pendulum, my experiences go through oscillations, the back/forth and up/down.

So what has been my solution to these hyper-oscillations? I turned to my vibes class and the model of a simple spring for inspiration: focus the energy about one axis of motion, change the value of the "spring constant, k" by improving the quality of the material and finally decreasing the mass pulling and pushing on the spring. In magickal terms:

Focus the energy, through meditation;
Improve the quality of the spirit, through magick (that whole metal to gold idea); and
Decrease the mass on the spring, by ridding myself of the "attachments".

Which reminds me of a quote I used in a previous post:

We cannot deal with evil by cutting it off and destroying it, only by absorbing it and harmonizing it -Dion Fortune

Was Dion Fortune an engineer?


Unknown said...

Honestly, I think Calculus taught me more about Magic and Nature than any book I've read so far. Changed the way I see the world (physically, even) permanently.

PhoenixAngel said...

@PR: I learned alot from it too

HilbertAstronaut said...

Hm, that makes me wonder if there's an analogy with "stiff" ordinary differential equations and their favored solution methods...

HilbertAstronaut said...

Stiffness might be a difficult analogy, because it would cover the difference between our ability to predict a solution, vs. the way things work out in real life.