Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Lunar Eclipse

Its been quite rainy here in the Central Valley since about Thursday. Our streets are flooded and several dry creek beds and river beds have runneth over. Our valley is very smoggy from agricultural dusts, industrial soots and vehicular pollution so the natural cleansing of the air has been quite refreshing. It has been so rainy, our street system cannot take the overflow and several of the neighborhood streets have been flooded and/or closed.

The storm seem to have a strong effect on me physically, despite the cleaner air. I was fighting off an on-going horrible migraine, which seemed to correlate in strength and duration with the water saturating our part of the earth. (told you i have had water issues) I was fine during the actual Yule ritual but didn't feel myself before or after. Several people noticed that I was not feeling myself. I am limited to one pain killer, acetaminophen and that didn't work. I tried rest, no alcohol, compresses, tea, increasing my fluid intake, soft music, liniment and some light massage to my head/neck and shoulders. My Gal suggested I ask Robert for some help, which I was willing to try, given my desperation. My first reaction was to say, "what the hell can he do for me?" but My Gal is so cool and helpful so I asked him for a little help despite of my doubts.

Well, I'm happy to say, whatever he did, made my migraine disappear. He told me he really did nothing and it was all me. I simply allowed myself to heal.

Gotta do that more often

The Lunar Eclipse
Since the skies were cloudy, there wasnt anything visible for the eclispe. I nearly missed it because I spent the evening cleaning my temple room (my bedroom) and lost track of time. Fortunately, I had the neat coolio spreadsheet worked out with the planetary times and put it all in a bar graph chart along with the void course times. I had approximately 30 minutes to do SOMETHING before the night went into the void course. Did my research and had some ideas what I would do. I had the ideas, neatly outlined and ready. Since I lost a good portion of the time, I did the simplest thing I could do.

I spent the rest of the eclipse, hoping I could get a glimpse of the coppery moon. No luck

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