Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Silvery Moon and Snickerdoodles

I have another post that I wrote tonight. Mostly because I needed to log my observation but I probably will not post it. Unfortunately, it will not make sense

Tonight, I spent the full moon with my Circle of sisters, a group of Wiccans. I joined their circle as a sister, not as a Witch. I will continue with my identity as a magician. This Circle was formed to avoid the drama and the mistrust that are often associated with covens, orders or other types of magickal groups. We love, trust and accept each other.

It was beautiful under the light of the full moon. We each brought a symbol of what we bring to the Circle. I brought a gold string and a silver string, each tied on the end and then knotted together at the center. This token symbolized my Work with my next goddess and the strengths that I bring to the Circle. My intentions are to rebuild and strengthen the goddess' attributes within me and lay down the foundations, even stronger. My newest goddess has very strong ties with my current one so I know the two will work well together. She kinda just landed in my lap. (Funny how those things work)

We combined our energies to focus in on each other's wish for the next month. We charged another item with the wish and asked that it might grow. Our hands joined in circle, like a battery on each other's item and I sensed the magick swirl into each of our items from our bodies in a stream of light. We did a very simple act of divination and the ritual ended with a very OBVIOUS, but completely outta of the blue, note from a favorite goddess of the sister who lead the ritual. She just kinda showed up. We shared fudge and libated with Snickerdoodles and wine. It couldn't have worked out any better or more blessed or more perfect.

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