Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Little Hiatus

Hello dear reader. I took a little hiatus from writing and well, magick in general. Hopefully as I write this post, some epiphany will come to me.

I read something about teacher addicts in my studies. It talked about people who spend alot of time seeking teachers, going to classes and involving themselves in rituals/workings. They seek and they dont get passed that and then quietly, yet with frustration, wonder why the Path isnt working for them. They ignore the signs or what I call the "messages from the goddess" that may teach them a valuable lesson to further their Path or flat-out dont want to face them. I guess at that point people either quit, their life blows up or they finally realize that they have to Do the Work. Nobody want their life to blow up... Right? My response to that is that sometimes life needs to blow up a little and needs to get difficult in order to clear the old crap out to bring out the new. It reminds me of how natural wildfires are actually conducive to a forest's life cycle because it clears space for new life. It also remind me of how miners set small charges along a large mountain of rock in order to manage the larger mountain.

I dont think some people really understand this concept. They fret and worry about the blow up as if it's a bad thing so they dont do anything at all for themselves. What's worse is when those people try to intrude on MY LIFE trying to SAVE ME from myself... BITCHES! I knew this Path wouldnt be easy and I really dont want somebody babying me along the way...And by the way, dont expect me to be happy about it when the arduous and painful task of clearing the crap comes up. Being happy is not a prerequisite for sitting in your own shit...but thats okay. You gotta sit in it before you clear it.

When it comes right down to it, we are all alone in our Path. Nobody will do the Work for you. Nobody will give you support, unless you ask for it. One has to make their own choices to experience their own victories.

“How else should I come to know the laws which govern all things, save thus, that I observe them in myself?” -Lao-tze

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HilbertAstronaut said...

I like the Lao-tze quote :-)