Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Hand Fasting

May the gods and goddesses bless two very special people that have touched my heart and inspire me with their Love.

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a hand fasting for two very special people in my life. They have been married for 20 years and the hand fasting was performed as a renewal of vows. Occult marriages, and marriage and general, do not last that long. A twenty year marriage is a rare thing. It would have been my 20th anniversary this year too so my experience was bittersweet. These two very special people, my frater and my sister, are a great inspiration to me and to everyone in attendance. Their kindness and charity to the pagan community has continued for several years. They have opened their hearts and home to a community. I could probably say their marriage is perfect but it has had it's problems. Issues that the whole community have seen transpire... but this is what makes them an inspiration. Despite their issues, they were able to overcome the obstacles and their relationship and Love is even stronger. This is pure magick for me. It's one thing to have a sticky sweet thixotropic-type infatuation or a intensely physical and totally passionate cock in cunt attraction. But, it's another thing to maintain that special feeling of sweet tenderness, raw sexual energy AND partnership after a series of hardships and pain. Unlike some relationships, I see the couple as totally yin/yang. In the context of some other relationships, one partner is the dominant one. Not this couple, they complement each other like the black and white, swirl within the circle.

I had a great time but I cried. The ceremony really touched me. It was a gathering of not only family but close friends and a community of people that have become a family. A group of people that call each other sisters/brothers and frater/sorors. Seven very special people and one very special totally rock-star Holy Man performed the ceremony. The hand fasting rope was hand made by the druid and the circle was cast with a singing performance done by his beloved, the water witch.

The most touching part of the ceremony was actually the dancing. At one point, the couple and their three children were dancing closely in a circle. The swirls of energy and Love coming off the five of the could be seen and felt. As I watched them from a distance, basking from the warmth of the family's Love, I sent some of my magick to them, out of Love, I visualized osmostic Love clouds swirling around the circle of family, tickling Love bubbles and a totally brilliant fireworks display directly above their heads. Sweet lil heart shaped fireflies were dancing about them and beautiful singing white doves flew around within the clouds. I am not usually into fuzzy bunny magick, but for me, it was a totally Disney moment.

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Unknown said...

Sounds amazing. It does make me sad, though, to rake my memory and honestly not be able to recall even hearsay about occult weddings in my offline life. Even the occultists I know seem to opt for traditional weddings, almost invariably for "family reasons". Glad to know there are shining examples out there =)