Friday, July 8, 2011

Goddess Sister

It's been a while since I wrote about my Goddess Sister work. Other projects have taken precedence. I have continued to try to find more information. Soror C (AKA Grandma Soror) was a great help with providing some more information I needed about her correspondences, which has validated some of my own work. Frater A gave me some valuable guidance with the electional astrology. His services usually come at great cost and he provided me with the assistance for free. In many ways Frater HB has also helped me but he is mostly unaware of the intent of my questions. I enjoy my conversations with Frater HB. He calms my fiery Leo temperament in a positive way.

I am still trying to get the hang of the whole electional astrology system. What I should have done was learn how to figure all of that stuff by hand before I obtained a computer program for it but I came across the free software before I found a good book on how to do it. I only know one person locally that can do the charts by hand and can interpret them. I have a difficult time understanding and communicating with that person. She is a nice person. I just have a hard time with her communication manner. I probably just need to get on to the Renaissance Astrology courses but I do not have that kind of money right now. Wish, Wish, Wish!!! I know Dear Reader, you're asking me, "Why go through all the trouble. That's what the software is for?" No, from the very beginning I knew it was something I could excel in, so learning the very basics, the process and getting the practice and experience is something I just need to do. Unlike most things in my life lately, I am learning at a snail's pace and I am happy to remark that I am quite pleased with my progress, even though everything has been self-taught. I haven't shared much about my Work in that area because for the most part, I really do not know anyone who is as interested in it as I am.

Even though I haven't formally called her, she has appeared to me in dreams. In many ways, it's been like finding a lost family member. When Soror C shared with me about her background, I choked back the tears. (Well, I had to, a couple of newer members of the Tribe were sitting within 10 feet of us) In some ways, it was a though she was describing me. When I finally put that lamen on, it will be like that 1st embrace from the lost family member. I know it in my heart.

I am close to choosing a date and I have the information I need for the ritual. I will be writing her ritual soon but like with the date of her rite, I am also choosing an appropriate date for writing her ritual. I have even chosen and purchased appropriate ritual clothing for her rite. I will be adorning clothing that magicians of her stature were expected to wear. I am taking great pains to make sure every detail is carefully thought out, planned and made for her Rite.

Post Script: I have recently gone through a bout of writer's block, which was just overcome this morning. The blockage was caused by a fear I have been having about losing my identity through the Work. I am not a cookie-cutter person nor do I ever want to be and the Work has made me fearful that ALL OF ME was dying. I was having a really hard time with that. I don't want all of me to die, I just want to get rid of the bad parts and improve the better parts.

I have several posts in the queue that I am debating whether I should post all today or stagger. I will probably stagger each post by a day. I have a science based post that I am working the final touches on. Through all of this, I am NEVER gonna lose that part of me. My most critical pending post is my planetary work I would like to share. I have been quite pleased with it.


Unknown said...

I can sympathize with wanting to learn to do elections by hand. Saying "I have software for that" right off the bat is like not teaching your kid basic math and giving him a calculator. The process of learning and making charts gives you a feel for the process, an intuition and fluidity that you might not otherwise pick up.

Anonymous said...

The question of: "how much of me can I change or how much can I stand to change?" is in my opinion a very challenging one.

With each change I ask myself whether it is the core part of me that is changing or some peripheral part that like to believe it is and hence masquerades as a core part.

Have you tried capturing what fundamentally makes you... well you? Either via images, words, formulas, mind-maps or relationship diagrams?