Friday, July 29, 2011

A Ton Of Bricks

I sat there at my desk at work...reading... studying ...a single string of discussion on Facebook, like the technical reports I read every single day.

Had to put it aside because the information was vying for my attention from my professional work.

Each post and response written in elegant English, written in a writer's tongue with the precisions of a science writer, the persuasiveness of a newspaper editorialist and the prose of a poet. No fluffy bunny-isms... no attempts to finagle other people with flowery words or avoid the topic...just pure knowledge, presented in the context of Life.

Arguments posed in rhetorical form rather than immature attacks on personality. Assumptions provided to the discourse with more than adequate basis. Pertinent details given in an ordered manner and valid conflicting viewpoints addressed.

...and then it hit me, like a ton of epiphany that brought me great joy and great sadness.

I was being taught knowledge within the context of Life.

For those of you who know me, you understand the significance and the hardship that I will soon face.

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